The Problem of Slavery

August 5, 2018

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Topic Notes

This show was originally broadcast on September 17th 2017

  • Slavery, particularly as we know it, is evil
  • Does God set rules regarding slavery?
  • God sets rules that call us to love one another
  • God’s rules are set to govern the way we live
  • God set rules concerning slaves because it was an established practice
  • Do these rules mean that God condones the behavior?
  • Compare slavery from the biblical era to that of early American history
  • Quite often slaves in biblical times were educated
  • It was not unheard of that slaves would even be more educated than their masters
  • People often sold themselves into slavery to get ahead
  • Slaves often held highly skilled positions
  • The Bible tells slave owners to treat their slaves well
  • The Bible also tells slaves that if they can gain their freedom, they should
  • Slaves in biblical times often had the right to leave
  • The Bible also prohibited the turning over of a slave to its master if it ran away
  • The main point of the Bible is not our human condition; it’s our spiritual condition
  • The imperfection of man



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