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January 15, 2017

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Topic Notes

Jesus is different from other religious founders!

Many people put Jesus and other founders on the same level.

The idea that all religions are equal is wrong.

Christianity is VERY distinct.

Many religious leaders claim to have a revelation from God.
Jesus claims to be the revelation OF God in human flesh.

What is the comparison of Christ to these other leaders?

Jesus’ comparison to Buddha

Many of the World Religions have morals, but each come from a different world view.

What is the basis for goodness in each religion?

Ethics must have a theological foundation.

Everybody has an opinion about Jesus… but what was His opinion of Himself?

What about death and resurrection? Can anyone compare to Jesus?

Who was Confucius?

What’s the difference here?
Pantheism: The universe is God
Deism: God is a creator that does not involve Himself in creation
Theism: God is creator and is involved in creation

The Golden Rule and why this makes Jesus unique.

Jesus sets the example for us in His actions.

Bible Contradiction

from: Thought Catalog
God on Slavery
Leviticus 25:45-46 vs Isaiah 58:6


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