Following Christ: Is It Intolerant?

November 23, 2014

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Topic Notes

  • Is claiming to be the one true religion cause violence? Is it intolerant?
  • The history of religion is rife with violence and imorality
  • For some immoral people, religion makes “GOOD EXCUSES” TO HATE PEOPLE
  • Should religion be outlawed?
  • Outlawing religion tends to make that religion stronger.
  • It really DOES MATTER what you believe!
  • It is good to be intolerant toward certain things (murder, theft, child abuse, etc..)
  • Religion as a medicine?
  • Ultimately, happiness can be found in Jesus
    • Who will bear whose burden?
    • Galatians 6:2 vs Galatians 6:5
  • The Bad Architect analogy
  • Intolerance is okay when dealing with food and math and buildings and hospitals.
  • Why isn’t it okay when dealing with religion?
  • What is truth?
  • Dispelling the elephant analogy for religion
  • Prove us wrong!
    • “I heard the other day my friend asked me: God can do everything, right? Is God strong enough to make a rock so big he can’t lift it?
  • Is religion the problem today?
  • We think it is THE SOLUTION! But it needs to be done differently!
  • Too many people do not take religion serious enough
  • Matthew 5:43-45
  • Do good to EVERYONE! Even non-believers. Even those you disagree with. EVEN THOSE WHO HURT YOU!
  • Matthew 22:36-39
  • We don’t take religion seriously enough!
  • Luke 6:32-35
  • We don’t take religion seriously enough!
  • Luke 6:37
  • We don’t take religion seriously enough!
  • Where is the DISCIPLINE in Christianity?
  • Matthew 6:25
  • God doesn’t want us to worry!



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