Debate Review: Ken Ham v. Bill Nye

February 9, 2014

Topic Notes

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  • Ken Ham: Young Earth Creationist
  • Bill Nye: Darwinist
  • We at Truth Revolution are Old Earth Creationist
  • The Young Earth / Old Earth debate does not affect our salvation
  • Is the Young Earth viewpoint losing ground worldwide?
  • Ken Ham: People have been indoctrinated to believe that Scientist cannot be Creationists. WE AGREE!
  • It is not Creationism vs. Science
  • Science began as people began to try to discover God’s creation
  • We blatantly reject Naturalism
  • The Naturalist Detective analogy (Poor Gary)
  • Bill Nye: Existing species and crazy math. Nye makes a great point
  • Please challenge us if you have a differing opinion
    • From Shae: Why didn’t Eve freak out about the talking serpent?
  • Has situational science changed in the past few thousand years?
  • Quantum Answers don’t work with Physical Science
    • From Nathan: Why does a Creator have to be exclusively singular? Why not a group of deities?

This show originally aired February 9th, 2014




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