Answering Difficult Questions Pt3

June 30, 2013

Topic Notes

Extra ‘Online Only’ content follows the show

  • Tackling Adam Lee’s ‘Ten Questions to Ask Your Pastor’
  • The ultimate goal is to enlighten others or to become enlightened.
  • It is important to ask questions and seek answers.
  • Listener Question:
    Do baptisms count if they are given to you as a baby. For example: Catholics baptize their babies.
  • Infant Baptism was instituted as a way to count citizens in their census.
  • Revolution Church is Anabapatist (Baptizing as adults)
  • There is nothing wrong with Infant Baptism if it’s done as a symbol of dedication
  • Adam Lee’s Question No.6:
    If it was always God’s plan to provide salvation through Jesus, why didn’t he send Jesus from the very beginning, instead of confusing and misleading generations of people by setting up a religion called Judaism which he knew in advance would prove to be inadequate?
  • First: There was no confusion and misleading people for generations
  • Second: This doesn’t disprove the existence of God or that Jesus is the Messiah
  • Third: We can’t read God’s mind.
  • The big question is “Did Jesus really die and then rise from the dead” – If He did then we’re going to believe what He says
  • Talking about the timing of Jesus appearance
  • Less than 1% of total human population lived BEFORE the arrival of Christ, meaning 99% of humanity has come and gone since Christ’s arrival.
  • Jesus came at the perfect time: Afterward, population and travel began to explode
  • The Old Testament is a foreshadowing of the coming sacrifice.
  • How does Soccer apply to this situation? We explain.
  • Adam Lee’s Question No.7:
    Since the Bible states that God does not desire that anyone perish, but also states that the majority of humankind is going to hell, doesn’t this show that God’s plan of salvation is a failure even by his own standard? If this outcome is a success, what would count as a failure?
  • It is a FAILURE, but it is not GOD’S failure. The failure is OURS.
  • Jeff gives the “Perfect Coach” analogy
    • Ecclesiastes 3:20 and Hebrews 9:27 vs. John 8:51 and 2Timothy 1:10
  • Listener Question:
    I had a question about one of the recent Truth Shots. You talked about how God allows natural evil to exist to preserve free will. Wouldn’t this apply to all actions of God and not just nature? It seems this would suggest that God would not have a hand in anything, as it would somehow change free will. I figured I would ask because the view that there could be a God, but that God doesn’t affect people on a daily basis is a common agnostic view.
  • Dave tries to inject Star Trek into the mix
  • OVERTIME! Online Content follows:
  • God is not absent (deistic)
  • God interacts regularly, particularly when we ask (pray)
  • Perfect knowledge of an event is not causal knowledge.
  • Discussion of Dave’s lunch… how is that relevant? Jeff explains.
  • God sees everything (future/present/past) just as we see history.
  • Discussion of time/space.

This show originally aired June 30, 2013



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