A Rational, Reasonable Right to Live!

September 20, 2015

Truth Revolution on

Topic Notes

  • Welcome!
  • Where Faith and Reason Meet!
  • Dave’s sock drawer
  • Introducing Alan Schlemon
  • Planned Parenthood discussion
  • The Planned Parenthood videos have sparked awareness
  • Abortion is done quietly, 2,899 times every day in the U.S.
  • Is there any situation that would make abortion okay?
  • What is the unborn?
  • Do Pro Choice organizations skew statistics?
  • What about medical necessity?
  • Is the unborn alive?
  • Is the unborn a unique entity?
  • Gender and DNA are decided right at conception
  • What is SLED?
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION via EvilBible.com
      Is robbery forbidden? or commanded?

    • Leviticus 19:13 vs. Exodus 12:35-36


Visit: STR.org
Meet: Alan Schlemon
Planned Parenthood: Abortion After the First Trimester



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