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April 1, 2012

Did Jesus Claim to Be God?


Did Jesus claim to be God? What do other religions claim about Jesus?

February 12, 2012

The Resurrection of Christ


Did Jesus rise from the dead? A brief summary of Hank Hanegraaff’s FEAT acronym used to demonstrate the legal argument that Jesus is alive.

January 29, 2012

Other Messiahs?

+ +

Weren’t there lots of “Messiahs” like Jesus? Was Jesus unique?

September 25, 2011

Hugh Ross: Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

+ +

Dr. Hugh Ross joins us as we discuss his latest book “Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job”

September 18, 2011

Christians and Violence


What of Christians and their History of violence? Let us discuss. Also several listener questions.

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