The Q Equation

October 18, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Welcome!
  • What is the Star Trek argument against proving the existence of God?
  • Introducing “Q”
  • The similarities and differences between God and a “Q-like” being
  • Ancient Astronauts?
  • Can a being have ALL of God’s powers and NOT BE God?
  • The 40 Omnipotent Beings…
  • What is God?
  • Is God alien?
  • God’s attribute of benevolence
  • Looking at the Bible correctly
  • Any being that is not a God is going to have qualitative differences from God
  • God and anthropomorphic qualities
  • Logical arguments that support the existence of God create a picture of what God is really like.
  • Using what we know about the Biblical God, we can test any being that would pass themselves off as God
  • There was ONE being that did come to Earth that exhibited God-like qualities that proved to be a match. His name is Jesus.
  • There is one being that is here and exhibits God-like qualities but does not match what we know about God. The being’s name is Satan.
  • What about Technology?
  • History shows that technology doesn’t cause an indigenous population to mistake superior technology as being from God
  • Jeff’s challenge
      Who discovered Jesus’ empty tomb?

    • Matthew 28:1 vs. Mark 16:1 vs. Luke 24:10 vs. John 20:1


Real Clear Science: Why God Cannot Be Proven: A Star Trek Argument



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