Naturalism vs Spirituality

December 28, 2014

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Topic Notes

  • A show about stuff?
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  • Michael Sabom, a cardiologist who doubted NDE, researched for 25 years and came to the conclusion that something spiritual is happening
  • “God of the Gaps” vs. “Naturalism of the Gaps”
  • Too many secular studiers have one requirement: God is an unacceptable conclusion.
  • Miracles and claims to be God were “unacceptable” with their pre-conceived notions.
  • To find truth we must allow for any conclusion, even if the answer is God.
  • Metaphysical Naturalism (materialism):
    • They believe that everything reduces to natural material
    • there are no miracles or supernatural causes in the world.
    • Sometimes they say that miracles are “impossible” or “irrational.”
    • What’s the problem with this? It would be impossible to ever come to the conclusion that God exists – no matter what the proof.
    • What Were the Centurion’s Words at the Cross?
    • Isaiah 7:14 vs Luke 23:47
  • Methodological Naturalism
    • This type of naturalism allows that God and miracles might exist, but we have to deny their existence in studying.
    • They argue that if we don’t we might run into a “God of the gaps” theory.
  • David Hume’s Premise: Miracles Are a Violation of the Laws of Nature
  • Denying God’s existence a priori would be naturalism-of-the-gaps!
  • READ A BOOK: Every Man’s Temptation
  • LISTENER QUESTION: Any tips for serving God, and the busyness of life with a bunch of young small energy-sucking kids? How do you do it?

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