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Did God wait for thousands of years before making contact with humans?

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Dave: One blogger asked, “Modern humans have existed for 100,000 years, so why did God wait 95,000 years before he made contact?”

Jeff: He continued, “And why was that contact made with only a small tribe in the Middle East?”

Dave: Is this true? Weeeellllll…

Jeff: If we accept what the Bible suggests was the beginning of humanity, then, no God didn’t stay silent for the first 95,000 years.

Dave: God was there with Adam and Eve between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Jeff: And it’s not as though God left humanity all alone; we chose to reject him.

Dave: By sinning in the garden – then Cain rejected God even more by killing his sibling…

Jeff: And we should note, that Biblical records indicate that all this while humankind could communicate directly with God.

Dave: But nations eventually went their own way, abandoning God.

Jeff: There was no 95,000 years of silence! It was God and humans together, until humans walked away from God.

Dave: And God did choose to use one nation, but it was to bring news the whole world, not exclude the rest of the world.

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