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Matthew 7:1 – Does it really mean what everyone thinks it means?

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Dave: DON’T JUDGE ME! – Jesus said it in Matthew 7:1 – Do not judge or you, too, will be judged.

Jeff: This is one of the most commonly misinterpreted verses – EVER!

Dave: Was Jesus’ intention for us to never point out when someone is wrong? Never to judge an action?

Jeff: In Matthew 18, Jesus tells us TO confront sin, so we can’t ignore it. But, how do we do that without judging them?

Dave: Important distinction: Ignoring someone’s sin is not the same as NOT JUDGING them

Jeff: I can ignore someone and still judge them in my mind.

Dave: Helping people out of sin is a GREAT THING! As long as we aren’t thinking evil or hating them!

Jeff: The Bible never says to punish a sinner. If there’s revenge, it’s God’s anyway! Our job is to lovingly help them be restored and repent from their sin

Dave: Without casting judgement! So, when Jesus says not to judge, he’s referring more to an inward attitude

Jeff: It doesn’t mean we cannot judge whether an action is right or wrong. We’re supposed to do that.

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