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It’s way easy to go the route of the Pseudo Intellectual… we all do it… but perhaps we should be more careful!

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Dave: I read a study, and obviously , everyone knows, that orange is the best color.

Jeff: FOUR DANGERS right there! Here they are:

Dave: I read a study,

Jeff: What study? By whom? An actual researcher? Is this verifiable?

Dave: and obviously

Jeff: Why is it obvious? Does this word invoke discussion or shut people down?

Dave: everyone knows

Jeff: Really? Everyone knows this… Is this even up for discussion? Apparently not.

Dave: that orange is the best color.

Jeff: The “best” – not “pleasing to 78% of people” or “verified as a color invoking certain emotions” but just “the best.”

Dave: When you encounter a discussion with lots of phrases like that, you may be talking to a pseudo intellectual.

Jeff: Even if there really was a study that said most people prefer orange, and it is completely true and acceptable in this conversation, his lack of bringing about a verifiable piece of information does not allow him to “win,” nor does it help anyone participate in learning or discussion.

Dave: More on that in the next Truth Shot.

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