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Arguments pulled from thin air add nothing to a discussion. It is better to be informed and factual.

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Dave: Those who believe their intelligence and understanding of the world surpasses all of the great thinkers previous to them are pseudo intellectuals.

Jeff: Anyone who has made a judgment statement about any given topic without having their facts straight is a pseudo intellectual.

Dave: Sometimes, I am a pseudo intellectual. We all are.

Jeff: In our discussions and debates with others we should try as much as possible to have verifiable claims. If a majority of our sentences begin with “Well, I think,” we should probably think harder.

Dave: Our arguments shouldn’t be made up out of thin air. Why not have well-thought out explanations with claims that can be confirmed?

Jeff: We’ll all be in a circumstance where we remember the story, or study, or Bible verse that says such-and-such but can’t remember who said it.

Dave: At this point let us proceed much more carefully than usual, with humbleness and a desire to actually find what we were quoting when the discussion recesses.

Jeff: How about we do that all the time?

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