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If Adam and Eve were ignorant about evil, were they punished unfairly?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: How could God blame Adam and Eve for eating from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil – if, they didn’t know what evil was? If they didn’t know it , how did they know eating it would be wrong?

Jeff: Well, this possibly allegorical story, does not suggest that Adam and Eve didn’t know evil in a cognitive sense.

Dave: They understood what obedience and disobedience was.

Jeff: Right. When God gave them a command they didn’t say, “Gosh, I’m not sure what you’re saying. What the heck does ‘disobey’ mean?”

Dave: They understood, but had not experienced evil.

Jeff: There are different types of knowledge. I know what it’s like to play football in the NFL… I’ve watched it hundreds of times and give you facts, stats, and stories.

Dave: But, you’ve never experienced playing football in the NFL. And, it’s fair to say that type of knowledge would take you to a whole different level of…

Jeff: Pain. It would take me to a new level of pain.

Dave: Likewise, Adam & Eve knew evil, but had not yet experienced it.

Jeff: so the tree of knowledge was really experiential knowledge.

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