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“What if I have questions? What if I have doubts?”

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Is it okay to have doubts?

Jeff: On one hand we want to say, “No! Don’t’ doubt!”

Dave: When Peter tried to walk on water, with Jesus, he started to sink. And Jesus’ response was, ” You of little faith why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31).

Jeff: So, we don’t want to encourage doubt. But, at the same time, we don’t want to pretend like every question will be answered this side of eternity.

Dave: As David Limbaugh put it, “I did not come to believe in Christianity by exhausting all doubts or by understanding God’s entire plan … But at a certain point I could no longer deny the overwhelming weight of the evidence in favor of Christianity.”

Jeff: We believe in God because the preponderance of evidence is overwhelming. When we have a doubt we remind ourselves, “Yeah, I don’t get that part – but there is so much more that makes sense.”

Dave: Doubt is part of the human experience. But, so is evidence.

Jeff: So, follow the evidence – and don’t let little nagging doubts stop you from seeing the big picture.

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