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Are miracles real? What is Materialism, and how do Materialists view miracles?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Jesus healed a blind man

Jeff: He could see!

Dave: Jesus raised a guy from the dead!

Jeff: YES!

Dave: But… are miracles actually possible?

Jeff: Some people, called materialists, will deny that anything in the Spiritual realm exists – and for them –

Dave: miracles would be foolish since material things is all that exists.

Jeff: Right. The world functions according to the laws of physics and that never changes.

Dave: But how does God and miracles enter that equation?

Jeff: Well, here’s the problem for the materialist – – suppose God does exist. They would NEVER admit it because they always assume some kind of physical explanation exists.

Dave: But what if God appeared to them?

Jeff: They might just say that accidently ate bad mushrooms… this is why materialism is foolish: you write off an entire group of possible answers just because the solution is Spiritual

Dave: So miracles can exist. . . but if you are a materialist, you’d never know it.

Jeff: Exactly.

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