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Did Jesus actually exist? More historic proof that confirms the Biblical Account?

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Dave: Did Jesus actually exist? Last time we talked about the Roman Historian Tacitus, because he confirmed the existence of Jesus!

Jeff: But he wasn’t the only one.

Dave: Give me more!

Jeff: Alright. Suetonius was another Roman Historian, very near the time of Jesus, who was actually the Chief Secretary to the Emperor.

Dave: That gave him access to the official Imperial Records!

Jeff: That’s right… and although he doesn’t refer to Jesus explicitly, he references the followers of Jesus and confirms what the Bible says in Acts 18:2, about how the Jews, or Christians, were expelled from Rome.

Dave: So, he confirms the Biblical account.

Jeff: Then there was Thallus, a historian who wrote very, very close to the time of Jesus.

Dave: Anything about Jesus, specifically?

Jeff: Oh, yes! Apparently he helps confirm, not just Jesus’ existence, but that darkness covered the land while Jesus was being crucified! Just like the Bible says!

Dave: WOW! That’s confirmation! We’ll continue with this on the next Truth Shot!

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