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Is Hell real? Or is it a farce?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: A website called “Christianity Disproved” made a big claim.

Jeff: In fact, one review called this website, “One of the most intelligent and worthwhile sites on the internet.”

Dave: The site author exclaims, “Hell does not exist… The Christian hell evolved from three significant phases starting with Sheol.”

Jeff: First of all the author makes a logical jump, a big one.

Dave: Right – Let’s say that the concept of hell did evolve. Does that mean it isn’t true?

Jeff: Not at all. Take that same argument in a different topic: I love popcorn, and my popcorn recipe has evolved over the years; does that mean I don’t have popcorn?!

Dave: NO THAT IS RIDICULOUS! Beliefs can change over time. Or, we might say that truth can be REVEALED over time.

Jeff: Just because an idea is slowly evolved, or better yet, has been PROGRESSIVELY REVEALED doesn’t mean it isn’t’ true!

Dave: Christians have always taught about progressive revelation.

Jeff: We learn more truth, and God gives us more information, as time moves on.

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