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How do we know that Jesus claimed to be God?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Did Jesus claim to be God?

Jeff: He never actually says, “Listen. I’m God, the creator of the Universe. Worship me.”

Dave: Nope. But, that’s how we would claim to be God in the 21st century with our technical precision.

Jeff: But, if we want to know whether or not Jesus claimed to be God we have to look at how he would’ve done that in his century, and in his culture.

Dave: Right! For example, we would never look at a scientist from 1,000 years ago and say, “He wasn’t a scientist… he didn’t have an electron microscope and he didn’t even know the Earth revolved around the sun! PSH!”

Jeff: For his culture that’s not what made a scientist.

Dave: If we want to know whether or not Jesus claimed to be God…

Jeff: We have to ask what a 1st Century Jew, living under Roman rule might do if he was the one claiming to be God.

Dave: And we’ll see in the next Truth Shots that Jesus receives worship, claims to be older than Judaism’s founder, and then, He take’s God’s name for himself.

Jeff: WOW!

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