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Does an Omniscient God get surprised?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: One skeptic asked the question, “If God is all-knowing, why do holy books describe him as surprised or angered by the actions of humans?”

Jeff: Being angry about injustice does not demand ignorance of the event beforehand.

Dave: Right! Many parents have known without a doubt that their child was going to disobey – but they still get quite angry.

Jeff: Right. Imagine you knew of a murder, and were requested to sit on the jury for sentencing. As you think more and more about what happened, you feel an anger rise inside you.

Dave: No new information needs to be presented for someone to be angry about sin.

Jeff: That’s right. And the Bible never records God as surprised.

Dave: It says he was grieved over sin, angry, perhaps even frustrated, but it doesn’t ever suggest that God was literally caught off guard.

Jeff: Tell you what… if you can find any passage, properly interpreted, that says God had no idea what was going to happen – I’ll delete this MP3 off of our website!

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