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Does Satan have power equal to God? Unequivocally, NO!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Was Satan really a serpent like Genesis 3 suggests?

Jeff: In the previous Truth Shot we showed some problems with that view.

Dave: Here are some more: If Genesis 3 is not allegorical, then we must believe everything was a literal event.

Jeff: Meaning there was a magical tree, with fruit. And if Adam and Eve ate it, they would have eternal life – and there was nothing God could do about it!

Dave: Do we really believe God lacks that kind of power?

Jeff: Of course not! The author of Genesis was making a point – in reality, there is no magical tree that overpowers God.

Dave: Plus, if we believe that Satan has power to take on flesh, or create himself as a snake, we lose confidence in the Resurrection.

Jeff: If Satan can create flesh, how do we know that Satan didn’t pretend to be a man named Jesus and fake rising from the dead?


Jeff: But couldn’t Satan have taken over a serpent’s body? Well, the only time in scripture demons go into animals’ bodies, is when Jesus commands them to.

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