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Is misinterpretation of the Bible really a big deal?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: To misinterpret scripture, is to misunderstand who God is.

Jeff: Anytime heresy worms its way into the framework of Christian thought danger will follow. Throughout history people have taken wrong understanding of God’s word to great lengths.

Dave: Whether trying to cement the law by adding numerous guidelines, such as the Pharisees…

Jeff: …or living purely by grace as Antinomians…

Dave: heresy has always provided a breeding ground for forms of religion without truly understanding the very God that religion seeks to worship.

Jeff: Ultimately, the goal of interpreting the Bible is to understand what God is communicating to the human race.

Dave: In any conversation, we must correctly understand what is being told to us.

Jeff: If we mishear, or misinterpret, what was said the communication breaks down.

Dave: Now imagine that the communication was about life or death matters!

Jeff: If we fail to understand the truth of the Bible, we fail to know the truth about Heaven, Hell, and God himself.

Dave: To know the truth we must put great effort into right doctrine, and avoiding heresy.

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