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Is beauty a real thing? or is it relative?
We did a full 30-min show on this too, check it out here:

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Audio Transcript

Dave: It’s a fairly recent development to say that what people think about an object is more important than the object itself.

Jeff: Years ago, if two people looked at a beautiful waterfall delicately pouring over glistening rocks with an astounding rainbow in the mist…

Dave: Everyone would agree – that’s beautiful.

Jeff: But now we ask, “Do you find that beautiful?” or “What do you think about it?”

Dave: Previously, it was recognized that beauty is a real thing. The waterfall actually was beautiful and it didn’t matter what someone thought.

Jeff: In fact, if someone were to say, “Well, I feel that the water is a repulsive thing!” people could find error with that person’s affections.

Dave: For example, children are valuable.

Jeff: What if someone says, “Children are rubbish and should all be exterminated.”

Dave: You would certainly agree that their opinion is wrong. But not only because he wants to exterminate kids…

Jeff: He’s wrong because children are precious.

Dave: If value is given to something, rather than inherent to an object than morality becomes a subjective matter too.

Jeff: Beautiful art actually matters.

Dave: Yes, it does!

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