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Is being more loving enough to evangelize? Probably not!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: All we need is love!

Jeff: If Christians would just be more loving, then the whole world would accept Jesus!

Dave: Just one problem… That doesn’t fit with reality.

Jeff: Jesus was the most loving person to ever live!

Dave: And people killed him.

Jeff: People also need at least two things from Christians, besides love.

Dave: The first one: Logical reasons to believe.

Jeff: Without intelligent answers, evidence, and appropriate evangelism people won’t or shouldn’t believe.

Dave: We must be prepared to give an answer – to give reasons we believe just as the Bible says, in 1 Peter 3:15.

Jeff: And 2 Timothy 4:2.

Dave: So let’s be prepared to give good reasonable, logical answers.

Jeff: But we also must pray. The Bible describes us as dead Spiritually. Until God awakens someone to life there isn’t any hope at all that they’ll see the truth.

Dave: So, should we be loving? Of course.

Jeff: But, love should never ever be alone.

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