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What do we see when we look at the Crucifixion? Could the example of the Cross be a proof that God exists?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: The Cross. A symbol of sacrifice and foolishness.

Jeff: Certainly, even the Bible admits, a Savior coming to Earth and dying on a cross seems foolish.

Dave: But consider for a moment that this might offer a proof.

Jeff: We as humans are capable of great evil and great compassion.

Dave: Stories of people willing to sacrifice are widespread throughout all cultures.

Jeff: If we see love and sacrifice as the greatest of human virtues, and there is a God, what should we expect to see?

Dave: If God is epitomized by being the greatest being we can conceive of, then we would expect a God to exemplify both love and sacrifice.

Jeff: What religions do we see this in? Not many… actually, almost none except for Jesus, in Christianity.

Dave: What are we to make of the fact that the qualities we deem to be the highest virtues are exclusively lived out perfectly in Jesus?

Jeff: Perhaps his death on the cross offers an evidence that Jesus really was who he said: the son of God who came to Earth, to pay our price.

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