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Can a Christian lose their Salvation?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Can a Christian lose their Salvation?

Jeff: This question is somewhat misleading. A better way to ask would be this
way: “Can someone who doesn’t go to Heaven be called a Christian?”

Dave: The obvious answer would be “no – someone who is banned from Heaven
is obviously not a Christian.”

Jeff: Problem is, we’re trying to determine whether someone is a Christian or not – and people
say, “Well, he was a Christian but then he left the Church.”

Dave: But looking at people on the outside isn’t a good indicator. Everyone
who looked at Judas before he betrayed Jesus would’ve thought he was a great

Jeff: Only God knows if someone will truly be in Heaven or not.

Dave: In addition, we have to look at the words of Jesus himself. In Matthew 7:21,
Jesus is talking about people who were banned from Heaven, even though they
looked like Christians.

Jeff: And what Jesus says is, “I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you.'”

Dave: He doesn’t say they fell away. He says, he NEVER knew them.

Jeff: And that’s why you have to ask a different question.

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