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Is science hindered by belief in miracles?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Does belief in miracles hurt scientific discovery?

Jeff: That’s what some people say – if you believe in miracles you will stop

Dave: But, this is a mistaken notion both philosophically and historically.

Jeff: Historically, many of the greatest scientists such as Newton, Galileo,
Copernicus, Bacon, Descartes, and many more believed in God and miracles.

Dave: Many of these scientists considered themselves theologians who were
discovering the handiwork of God.

Jeff: Kepler, the famous astronomer who discovered planetary motion, originally
wanted to be a minister.

Dave: And in his book about astronomy he writes that he was studying this as an
act of service to God to, quote, “teach others too, how great [God] is in wisdom,
how great in power, and of what sort in goodness.”

Jeff: Philosophically, then, we should understand that belief in the Divine does not
stop science – rather, it propels us to investigate the works of God!

Dave: Theological beliefs simply don’t take us to a point when we say, “Stop
investigating, just believe!”

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