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What is Pangea and did it actually exist?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Pangea – is it real, is it in the Bible?

Jeff: Certainly, geologists and Earth scientists seem to indicate that Pangea is the
real deal.

Dave: Pangea was a supercontinent that existed about 300 million years ago and
broke up about 200 million years ago.

Jeff: Actually, there are some that say there were other “supercontinents” before
Pangea – they broke up, reformed, broke up, reformed…

Dave: Some of those supercontinents include Columbia (over a billion years ago)
and Rodinia (from about 1 billion years ago).

Jeff: Scientist look at the history of the continental crust, and make models, to
determine how these existed.

Dave: But, is there any Biblical reason to reject these ideas?

Jeff: There is no legitimate Biblical reason that I am aware of to reject the notion
of Pangea.

Dave: So to the question, is it real? We’d say it sure looks like! As long as the
science indicates that’s the truth, we’ll go with it!

Jeff: The big point here is that this is GEOLOGY and NOT THEOLOGY. We look to
the Bible for answers about God, not continents.

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