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Can Science prove the existence of God? If not, why not?


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Dave: Science has provided us with many wonderful inventions, like Spacestations, GPS, medical equipment

Jeff: and pencil sharpeners…

Dave: uh.

Jeff: Nice ones.

Dave: Science really does synthesize a lot of complex knowledge, and leads us to the truth in many areas. So the question is – can we prove God’s existence scientifically?

Jeff: Many people will say, “Prove God’s existence scientifically or I won’t believe!”

Dave: There’s a problem?

Jeff: Well, the scientific method is basically Observe, Hypothesize, Test and Repeat until a conclusion is reached. It’s not actually possible to do this to God.

Dave: Gotchya – we can’t perform repeatable, observable tests on Him.

Jeff: Right, so you can’t prove God scientifically anymore than you can prove the existence of Abraham Lincoln scientifically.

Dave: Couldn’t we theoretically use science to measure his DNA and…

Jeff: Ah – but you’re only using technology and science to test pieces of information. You see, science can help lead you to a good conclusion, but that’s it.

Dave: So use science the right way: establish facts to present a case.

2 Responses to Science and The Proof For God

  1. Dave says:


    Thanks for your comments.

    I took your challenge and visited your site. It seems as though you have put a lot of thought into what you believe, and we here at Truth Revolution agree that one should always ask questions and continually search for Truth.

    We strongly believe that we have found that Truth in the person of Jesus Christ.

    You say that religion has been a tool for control over the masses, and we agree! You will find this in every religion and every philosophy. It is unfortunate, but people who have designs on control will use these things to their advantage. However, the fact that there have been those of a sinister ilk that used Christianity as a form of control doesn’t water down the TRUTH in Christianity.

    We encourage you to browse through our website and listen to the proofs that we have put forth in defense of our faith. You will come to understand that we didn’t come to our beliefs arbitrarily or “just because”.

    Like you, we have put a lot of thought into what we believe, which is what we encourage everyone to do. We are convinced that a sincere search for Truth eventually finds it, and that is the Truth that we profess to you today.

    Again, thanks for adding your thoughts. We welcome you to continue to do so.

    In Christ,
    ~Dave, Truth Revolution

  2. Science will never provide a literal proof of God for the same reason that ‘religion’ has also failed to offer such insight. Our species is burdened with a primary material perception. It may have spiritual aspirations but those have yet to be fulfilled. But should such a proof ever be revealed, it will have to conform to the universal scrutiny that applies to all truth claims. That is direct cause and effect, evidence based confirmation of the reality.

    And if material circulating on the web is authenticated, such a proof may already exist.

    The question then becomes: could two thousand years of scholastic exegesis, tradition and the faith of 2 billion ‘Christians’ be wholly in error? . . . And no longer a rhetorical question for mud slinging between atheist and religious, we are on the threshold of finding out!

    For those who have the humility and moral courage to learn something new and will TEST and discover this new insight for themselves, an intellectual and moral revolution is already under way. I’m already testing this for myself! Any one interested can check out any number of links including:

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