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What is Absolute Truth?


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Dave: There are two kinds of truth, Absolute and Relative.

Jeff: We teach that absolute truth is the right way to view the nature of truth.

Dave: Give us a quick definition.

Jeff: Absolute Truth says that whatever is true for one person is always true for
every person in any time or place.

Dave: But if I say that my hair color is dark, that’s not true for some 25-year old
blonde model in Sweden.

Jeff: Actually, it is.

Dave: I suddenly don’t want to date Swedes.

Jeff: No no – – absolute truth is always tied to the location, time and perspective of
the statement. So, for the model from Sweden – whether she knows it or not – it’s
still true that for DAVE, in Salina, KS, in 2013 – his hair color is dark.

Dave: That makes more sense. Absolute truth isn’t about different perspectives,
it’s about reality.

Jeff: Right. And this is important, because in religion a huge question is, “Is Jesus
Lord for everyone, or just those who believe in Him?”

Dave: And we’d say that Jesus is Lord for everyone – whether they know it or not.

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